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Achieve Your Life Goals: Understand how your relationships can affect your business

Hosted by Louise Allard and Sabrina Bailey
Allard Bailey

23 February 2021, 02:00 PM

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About this talk

In a time when both our business models and personal relationships are being tested to their limits, it is important to understand how the breakdown of a relationship can affect your business.

This webinar is essential viewing for anyone:

• Married or considering marriage in the future

• With a business partner who is married or might get married in the future

• In business with their romantic partner

• Employing their romantic partner

• With business loans secured against a jointly owned residence


Your spouse could “own” 50% of your business, even if they have never been involved with it. What does this mean?

If you separate you might need to “buy them out” or give them shares in the business. There are also tax implications.

In this webinar we will consider:

• Real-life separation case studies from business owners who started their businesses before and during marriage, including horror stories that you will want to avoid.

• Cost-effective legal steps to help you protect your business whilst ensuring you can provide fairly for your spouse, including pre-nups, post-nups, cohabitation agreements and trusts.

• Practical tips for anyone considering divorce who does not have protections in place.

• Legal strategies to negotiate a fair outcome for everyone.

Why can we talk to you about this? As law firm specialising in Family and Private Wealth firm, we help entrepreneurs, directors and investors to protect their professional interests from personal life events, so they can achieve their lifetime ambitions and leave the legacy they intend. We also deal with the legal fall-out for those who do not take these steps.

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  1. How to use the law to align your personal and professional goals so that you can maximise growth in all areas
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